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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DS Users... beware of the the "NO CUT ZONE"

**Update to this post... It appears that it's not necessarily the Diamond shape that is causing the issue. Since the most recent update, ANY shape that crosses the line into the "No Cut Zone" can cause DS to pitch a fit and stall. Beware of the No Cut Zone! **
OK... while i was creating the candy wrapper (to be posted soon) I had used the George diamond for the cut outs. When I went to cut it out DS would stop cutting at 21%. Now, I had just cut out the Tent Card so I know my machine works just fine! I went through all the recommended "fixes". I swapped out my USB cord. I reset my machine (rolling all dials up and down, etc) I updated firmware. Nothing helped. So then I went back to my design and I tried to separate out all of the shapes to see what would cut and what wouldn't. The diamonds wouldn't cut beyond the 2nd cut. I decided to go and swap out all the diamonds with a George square tweaked to look like the diamonds. Ta-da! Cricut works again! So, if you are experiencing a lockup when you go to cut a design inspect your to see what will cut and what won't.

Also.... the PS half circle end cap doesn't cut all the way around. I skips a spot in the middle. Not sure why. I've had to go back and add little cut lines in the center of my PS endcap cut lines to fix this.


  1. Thanks for the information. You are so sweet to inform all of us the problems and help with whatever needs we have.

  2. I am trying to learn how to design in DS and thank you for the information.


  3. Thank you Jen for sharing that is great to know.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this information!


  5. Thanks so much for this tip. Last night I was trying to cut something that was on one of the cards and it would get to 15% and quit. I never did get that one to cut so I just re-created the words myself and everything worked fine. I too had tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. Thanks again. Also, you are an amazing person. All your designs are wonderful. So far I have only had time to create a bowl of salad from a clip art I found on the internet but haven't had the time to figure out how to post it. One of these days when I'm not so busy with work I will share.


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