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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cupcakes anyone???

Several people on the Cricut board have come up with their own version of the cupcake box. They are very cute. I have some of the patterns that others have shared with me. But, not every cupcake needs a box. Sometimes, they just need a little something to make them look special. In comes cupcake wrapper and holder. How fun is this??? (no idea who makes this, or where it came from. I got the picture from Chinadoll at the Cricut message board.)

Then BettyShipe found this cupcake holder from Sizzix. Another cute idea!!

Here are pictures of what I created: 3 different versions
( I didn't have a cupcake so I used almonds in my cupcake wrappers. Ah hah moment! These make really cute nut cups too!! :o)

First up, the scallop version similar to the Sixxix die, but I added a star in the base.

Next, my flower cupcake holder. Instead of a five-sided holder I created an eight-sided holder. The uprights kind of remind me of a picket fence with their little flower cut outs.

and last up, a really fun Star version. Five sides again with start base and star cutouts.

Then there was a request to create a cupcake card for a 1st birthday. I ended up making this first in George and then in Plantin Schoolbook because the original requester needed Plantin:

And a separate request for a HUGE 23 1/2" X 23 1/2" cupcake for a front window of a house for decoration. The requester only had the trial version of DS so could only use Plantin Schoolbook. But she wanted the cupcake from Celebrations. So I recreated that cupcake using the shapes from Plantin....

I'm fairly certain this won't be the last we see of the cupcake creations.
Please be specific when requesting these files... they are all separate, individual files.


  1. These are so cute. I wonder what a dozen would look like on a plate.

  2. JenC

    These are sooooooooo cute. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful creative files with the not so talented. Sincerely thankyou.
    Sue from Australia

  3. Thank you - I love the way you explain everything clearly, and really appreciate you sharing your hard work!

  4. thanks for fixing the link jen

  5. Very cute...tfs!


  6. Jen,

    I would love to have these two cut files (the first birthday card and the huge cupcake).

    TFS Your Fantastic Work,



  7. If its not to late, I would love to have this file.

  8. Hi, Jen. I would love the cupcake holders in the scallop, flower and star. Also, the BIG one used for decorations would be fun too. Thank you for your wonderful work.

  9. I was reading all your cupcake post and they are all great. I love the different holders you made, and the tag is great. I would love to receive the link to be able to use these items for the B-day parties we have at my DD's school. We do one party each month for all the children that have B-days in that month. We send invites out to each of the children and ask the parents to help with small supplies that we need.

    Do love your work.

    Thank you,


  10. Hi! May I please have the cut file for the First Birthday cupcake in George. I love looking at all your creations and am in awe of your wonderful talent and creativity!
    Thank you for sharing!


  11. Hi ,

    Great cupcake holders, may i please have the cut files for the flower cupcake holder and the star cupcake holder?

    My email is CassAlexis@gmail.com.

    Many thanks!

  12. I'd love the cup cake holder files and card.

  13. Jen, could I please have the cupcake tri fold file as well as the cupcake with the # 1 on the top.
    thanks so much,

  14. Jen you are my fav - your creativity knocks my socks off!

    I have a request please. I am doing all the decorating for my grandbabies 1st birthday (Jesse & Ella) I did the invites using the cupcake from Doodlecharms. Love that cupcake. My DIL wants me to make anything & everything using that cupcake. I want to make stuffed fabric cupcakes also. Is it possible that you could make (I know it is, but would you please?) a cut file so that I could cut out the wrapper separate from the top, & the candle separate too. I am a beginner & only have made 3 things. Need to post them. I would be so grateful if you could possible do this for me. My email is jhansel99@sbcglobal.net

    By the way, YOU ARE THE BEST!

  15. I love thee cupcake files. I would love to have all the files when you have time to send them. They are awesome.

  16. Hi,
    Could you send me the file for the cupcake holder? I just love it.



  17. I would love to have one of all you cupcake files. I do cupcakes for my grandsons school and then I could do each different with the wraps. These are just beautiful...

  18. Great files. Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques as well as your files. You inspire creativity. Please send the cupcake wrapper files to caroleewin@roadrunner.com. Thanks so much.

  19. I'd love the cupcake wrapper/holders cut files, if you can send each style, I'd love it!


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