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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Halloween invite

Can you tell I love Halloween??

This was an invite I made for my sister's annual Halloween party that she and her best friend host for their kids' and friends.

I created this last year... BEFORE DS. So no cut file for this card.

Inspired by a Cauldron card pictured on the October 2007 Paper Crafts magazine. Theirs was a folded card. I decided to make mine a pocket card.

The bones were cut from Mickey Font at 1" using the end caps and 10 spaces in the middle. Then I cut the shadow by pressing the shadow end caps button and Repeat Last. SUPER easy!! (love that Repeat Last button!)

The Spider is from Doodle Charms @ 1" Green head, Purple body, black shadow. It's hard to tell from the first picture but maybe you can see it in the second one... the spider is on a wire attached inside the mouth of the cauldron and the it curls out and is attached to the back of the spider so that it bounces out from the cauldron.

The cauldron is the gold fish bowl on Animal Kingdom cut at 4 1/2" in grey and mounted on black cut in shadow. Before adhering the grey to the black I trimmed off the top rim and turned the bowl upside down. Then inked it in silver and black ink.

The tag came from Mickey and Friends. (It's the icon for Love that Dog.) It's 2" tall.

The black goo coming from the cauldron is layers of glitter glue. That took the longest time. I first put down a layer of dimensional glaze (Crystal Effects from SU) and let that dry. Then added a layer of the glitter glue. Glitter glue contracts when it dries so additional layers had to be added after it dried so that the dimensional glaze was completely covered.

If you look closely, you can see that the spider is suspended in the air on a green, curly wire.

Here are a couple more glitter glue color combinations which turned out super cool... the one on the left is orange and purple. The one on the right is green and purple. As you can see, I put TOO much wet glitter glue on the paper at once and it warped the cardstock. My sis said when this happened to her (she's in a humid climate so it happens all the time) once the glue is COMPLETELY dry, she smashed it under a phone book for a day or too and the paper would flatten out without smashing the dimensional glaze and glitter glue.

Well... hope you like my twist on PCM's cute idea.


  1. Wow! You are so creative! TFS and for the great directions - you should teach (if you don't already).

  2. Love your blog!!! I am thrilled you have one..

  3. You are so incredibly talented. I love your blog!

  4. Love your blog. You are so talented!

  5. Love the invitation Jen!!

  6. Jen, awesome job!


  7. Your blog is fantastic Jen.
    A great showcase for all your stunning creations. You truly are an ispiration to all us crafters.

  8. Love the idea of a pocket invitation - sooooo cute!

  9. Jen, this is so cute. I just love it. I can see I am going to be up late tonigth having fun creating.

    Nicole B

  10. Just downloaded your witch on a broomstick file ... I wish Halloween was as big in the UK as it is over there .. love all your files as usual Tracey in Uk

  11. Love all of your designs! - especially the Boo book! Thanks so much!

    Adeline B


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